For more than 100 years the ancestors of the today`s generation belong to the pioneers of the German gemstone industry ( in particular Agate cutting industry ), which is concentrated in the area of Idar Oberstein, a small city in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz in the southwest of the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition to the production of traditional items manufactured from semi precious stones, the Hermann Löh company started to produce three-dimensional carvings. In the early seventies Hermann Löh decided to put main emphasis on the hand-carving of Agate Cameos. In the late seventies he realised the advantages of  ultrasonical power to mechanically carve bi-coloured Agate plates into Agate Cameos. We can say that he was the originator of the techniques to carve Agate Cameos by use of ultrasonic powered machines.

Since 1988 the daughter of Hermann Löh, Mrs. Barbara Löh and her daughter, Mrs. Isabell Wahler manage the company in the second and third generation. On January 1st, 1997, the Hermann Löh company was transformed into a limited company, the Hermann Löh GmbH.