Only finest, carefully selected qualities of Brazilian Layer Agates are used to be cut and coloured in bi- and tri-coloured Agate Cameos. The technique of colouring the rough Agate stones is a heavily guarded family owned secret, which was developed and refined over generations.Today, the Hermann Löh GmbH produces a wide range of  beautiful designs with ultrasonical machines on a very high and sophisticated level, which are worldwide exported. 
The purchase of the copyright to transfer the famous works of the preeminent artist of Art Nouveau, Alphonse Mucha into Agate in the year 1997, allowed the Hermann Löh GmbH to set of for new ways in creating  well-known Designs.The Trust of customers in that new concept encouraged the company to search for more popular Designs to be created in Agate. Right now, you can lose yourself in the enchanting world of the Flower Fairies and admire and collect the most beautiful motifs of Cicely Mary Barker as delicately carved Agate Cameos.  The company’s main objective has been kept over generations: 

to maintain quality of own and licensed Designs on highest possible levels for the pleasure of Cameo lovers all over the world.